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This is currently something of an experiment. I have copies of the Print-On-Demand versions of the books you see below. If you purchase a copy here, I will sign it according to your instructions, and then I will mail it to you. I will mail overseas, by the way.

The prices are about what you would pay if you bought the book from Amazon/CreateSpace at the price I set there. I wish it were possible to set lower prices there, but that’s mostly not in my control, and I’d rather not create POD books with small type and tiny margins just to save a few bucks. I’d rather the print book be pretty to look at, too.

For now, I will not charge separate shipping, but that may change.

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If you buy the print book from me, I will send you an ePub or Mobi file version of the book, FREE. You have to give me a way to contact you by email. There will be a reminder on the Thank You page after you complete your purchase.

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