Research for the Historical Author

You'll be Embarrassed and Probably un-published if You Don't do Research.

References - About Research

Hmm. I guess there's little chance that people who think they can write historical fiction without cracking a book are reading this, so congratulate yourself for not being one of them.

Why Every Period Counts

You must know your historical period. Period. Carolyn's Workshop goes into further detail if for some reason you don't intuitively understand why this is so.

Things to Get You Started

Here's a list of some useful books.

Also, from time to time and in response to questions, I've compiled information on various topics. Since I hate for the work to go to waste, I've posted some of them here.

Aristocrats and What to Say When You Meet One or Need to Write about One

Underwear and What People Wore to Bed

Some stuff about Houses. Right now, Burlington House

About Hair Dyes

Use of the semaphore and telegraph

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