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Privacy Policy and Data Collection at

With the exceptions noted below, does not collect personally identifying information about visitors to this site. This includes the private members-only section of the website. This site does not sell, resell, or share any information with third parties subject to the following clarifications:

  • Apple affiliate code which tracks clicks through to the Apple Book Store. This site would track the click and send you to websites or apps controlled by Apple Computer, but would have no information about you personally.
  • Writer’s Diary (my blog): If you leave a comment on a blog post and enter an email address and/or name, the comment system will retain the information you provide. The software and database for the blog at this site resides on the server that hosts this domain. Backups of that database are stored in a secure Dropbox folder.
  • The web host for this domain takes server backups on a schedule that is not controlled by the owner of this site. Those backups include the blog database and this website. This site does not control the web host's data retention policy and has no direct access to those backups.
  • If you subscribe to my newsletter, my newsletter service (currently MailChimp) will collect and store your email address and any other information you provide when you sign up. My newsletter requires explicit opt-in from subscribers. If you do not confirm your subscription, you will not be subscribed. The information you provide will be used to send you emails about Carolyn Jewel and her books. I do not share, sell, or re-sell my email list.

If you have any questions or want to request deletion of your data under the EU GDPR, email me with the request.

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