Naming your Characters

Sometimes arriving at the perfect name is a process of gathering and then eliminating. It can take time, but really pay off when at last, the name is exactly right.

Up Close and Personal with A Hero's Name

Here's how anal I am. The hero for the book that became Scandal, is Welsh. So, he needed a Welsh name and, I decided, a Welsh-based title. The first thing I did was google for sites about Welsh names: for example.

Then, I took that long, long list and winnowed it down to the names I thought looked and sounded the coolest. Obviously, this is a matter of opinion, and you may not agree.

The next step was to winnow down those names until, at last, I arrived at the name I thought looked, sounded, and felt right. This meant typing out gobs of combinations. But, at last I ended up with a short list of first names.

I did the same thing for last names, until I also had a short list of short list of last names. And then, of course, I went through a series of similar iterations to arrive at my hero's name.

My hero has a title. I went through a similar iterative process. I googled for welsh place names, noted the ones I thought were coolest, and started making combinations until, at last, I had the one that felt right.

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