Carolyn’s Writing Workshop

Hold onto your hats, these sections are no-holds-barred. I give my opinion without mincing words. My opinion is based on experience. Painful experience. Plus, examples, real life ones you can apply to your own work. If you’d like to improve your writing, read on.

What I Learned the Hard Way


Rules To Write By
Ten Rules for Writing Fiction
Plus, Innermost Secrets Revealed
Liven things Up
Activity is Good for You.
The Reader can figure it out: Show Don’t Tell
"Prove it!" Master the art of showing
Bring your writing to Life with strength and specificity.
Not Again!
When Repetition Goes Bad. Like Gaul, divided in three parts. Micro Repetition. Macro Repetition. Mega Repetition. Conquer repetition wherever you see it, (well almost everywhere).
I Believe!
More on Why Details Count
Location, Location, Location.
Where is everybody?
Ouch! How did that desk get there?
Miscellaneous Important Stuff
Prologues Should you have one?
Writing Steamy Scenes
Set-Up, Your Plot’s Foundation
Naming your Characters


How to Make All This Advice Work
Advice is all over the place. Here’s how to make it work. What to do when you get rejected.
Should I enter contests?
The good, the bad and the ugly about writing contests.
Critique Groups
Why you should join one (and it’s not the reason you think).
Appearances Matter
How to format your Manuscript

Now What?

I’m done! Now what?
If you’ve decided you would like to be traditionally published: Improve your chances of publication with the hated query letter and the dreaded synopsis. Targeting a publisher.
Locating Historical Facts
References and resources to help with historical accuracy. On-Line resources, books, some original source material I’ve gathered and put on this web site.
Tips and Warnings
How traditional publishing works: some tips and warnings about shopping your novel. What to do when you’re feeling desperate. Kind of a mission statement?

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