My Immortals Series

A world with demons, mages and humans who aren’t aware of the magic around them.

About The My Immortals Series

Books in the Series

Book 1: My Wicked Enemy

Book 2: My Forbidden Desire

Book 3: My Immortal Assassin

Book 4: My Dangerous Pleasure

Short Story: Future Tense

Book 4.5: Novella: Free Fall

Book 5: My Darkest Passion

Book 6: Dead Drop

Book 7: My Demon Warlord

More Books

First, thank you for all the emails asking about when there will be more books in the My Immortals series.

I am writing a spin off series, The Street Witch series that I am really excited about. I hope you’ll check it out.

Below is a list of the characters for stories I plan to write. The list is not necessarily in order and since there are heros and heroines, there are more characters listed than books planned to date:

  • Leonidas
  • Rasmus Kessler
  • Sheth (who made a very brief appearance in My Immortal Assassin)
  • Emily

What about Moeletsi Tau, you ask? Never fear! His story will book 2 of the Street Witch series

Background, History and other Details


The My Immortals series is set in the present day, but one that includes demons (the demonkind) and people who can do magic (the magekind). There are other kinds of demons, but this series is about a demon species that calls itself the kin. They are fiends.

Most normal people are unaware of the magical world around them. The kin refer to these non-magical people as "vanilla humans." However, many humans have latent magical powers, meaning that they have no awareness of their magic and cannot use it unless there is some sort of inciting incident that triggers their magic.

Humans - Vanilla, latent and Magekind

As noted, humans come in three varieties; No magic at all (vanilla), have magic, but don't know it (latent) and have magic that is expressed (magekind). Magical ability is genetic, but it's a recessive trait so even if both parents are magekind, there's no guarantee their children will be, too.

About the Magekind

Men with magic are mages. Women with magic are witches (sometimes sorceresses. The magekind believe a child can be tested at the age of three to determine if he or she is magekind. A child who does not pass this test is often either abandoned or given up for adoption.

The magekind are wrong about the reliability of their test. There are children who fail who are, in fact, magekind. Unfortunately, magekind who don't receive training often go insane. In the not so distant past, however, demons made no secret of their existence. The demonkind routinely took possession of humans and otherwise wreaked havoc — think the Dark Ages and up through the Renaissance, for example. Humans, mostly those with magic, began to fight back. They considered themselves the protectors of humankind. The result was pretty horrific for everyone and, ultimately, demons mended their ways, more or less. There are always a few bad actors, you know? Among the demonkind, it is now a strictly enforced rule that humans may not be messed with except after gaining their explicit consent. The magekind haven’t really caught on to this. Most of them still feel demons should be either dead or magically enslaved to them. And therein lies the problem. Not only are both demonkind and magekind still adapting to new rules and behavior, over the years, the magekind got used to having demons enslaved to them. The mages also learned it was possible to ritually murder a demon and extend their lives, to the point where some magekind have been alive for hundreds of years. As you might imagine, demons don’t care for being murdered or enslaved. So, the series is set against this historical context and the present set of mutual animosities, and neither side is completely wrong. Or right.

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