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  • Bound In Smoke, Book 1 of the Street Witches Series.
  • First book in the Dark Elf series

Printable list of my books. Current as of February 2018.

Paranormal Romance Titles

Cover of Bound In Smoke Street Witch Series Book 1

Bound In Smoke, Book 1 of the Street Witch Series, Coming soon.

Cover of My Immortals Series Box Set

My Immortals Series Box Set: Free Fall, My Dangerous Pleasure, Dead Drop, and My Darkest Passion

Cover of My Demon Warlord My Immortals Series book 7

My Demon Warlord. My Immortals series, Book 7.

A demon warlord must partner with the witch he tried to kill.

Cover of Dead Drop, a My Immortals Series short Novel

Dead Drop - My Immortals series, Book 6

Wallace Jackson has an unusual power and the demon Palla needs her help.

Cover of My Darkest Passion, My Immortals Series Book 5

My Darkest Passion - My Immortals series, Book 5

Can Addison O’Henry learn how to control powers she never wanted and save the life of Harsh Marit, the demon who once saved hers?

Cover of Free Fall, a My Immortals Series Novella

Free Fall - A My Immortals series novella, the uncensored version.

Lys needs a favor. From a demon. Expanded version of the short story, with hot sex.

Cover of My Dangerous Pleasure

My Dangerous Pleasure - Book 4 of the My Immortal series.
Iskander’s story. His tenant doesn't know he’s a demon. Or that her stalker is a mage.

Cover of My Immortal Assassin

My Immortal Assassin
cJewel Books (2nd edition, 2017)
My Immortals series, Book 3
Sometimes revenge and love go hand-in-hand.

Cover of My Forbidden Desire

My Forbidden Desire
Forever, Grand Central Publishing
My Immortals series, Book 2
Fiends, mages and witches. Is Xia f’n hot or what?
RITA Finalist and Reader’s Crown Finalist

Cover of My Wicked Enemy

My Wicked Enemy
cJewel Books (2nd edition, 2022)
My Immortals series, Book 1
Carson Philips is a witch on the run. Straight into the arms of a demon who’s sworn to kill her.

Cover of A Darker Crimson

A Darker Crimson
cJewel Books
Never trust a vamp. Words to live by for Officer Claudia Donovan of the Los Angeles Police Department. Book 4 in Liz Maverick’s Crimson City Series.

Cover of DX

DX, a Crimson City novella
Helen "Hell" Marshall wants her job back. All she has to do is track down a demon, stay away from her vampire ex-boyfriend and figure out how to get along with a covert agent who may not be what he seems.

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