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  • Bound In Smoke, Book 1 of the Street Witches Series.
  • First book in the Dark Elf series

Printable list of my books. Current as of February 2018.

Paranormal Romance Titles

Cover of Bound In Smoke Street Witch Series Book 1

Bound In Smoke, Book 1 of the Street Witch Series, Coming soon.

Cover of My Immortals Series Box Set

My Immortals Series Box Set: Free Fall, My Dangerous Pleasure, Dead Drop, and My Darkest Passion

Cover of My Demon Warlord My Immortals Series book 7

My Demon Warlord. My Immortals series, Book 7.

A demon warlord must partner with the witch he tried to kill.

Cover of Dead Drop, a My Immortals Series short Novel

Dead Drop - My Immortals series, Book 6

Wallace Jackson has an unusual power and the demon Palla needs her help.

Cover of My Darkest Passion, My Immortals Series Book 5

My Darkest Passion - My Immortals series, Book 5

Can Addison O’Henry learn how to control powers she never wanted and save the life of Harsh Marit, the demon who once saved hers?

Cover of Free Fall, a My Immortals Series Novella

Free Fall - A My Immortals series novella, the uncensored version.

Lys needs a favor. From a demon. Expanded version of the short story, with hot sex.

Cover of My Dangerous Pleasure

My Dangerous Pleasure - Book 4 of the My Immortal series.
Iskander’s story. His tenant doesn't know he’s a demon. Or that her stalker is a mage.

Cover of My Immortal Assassin

My Immortal Assassin
cJewel Books (2nd edition, 2017)
My Immortals series, Book 3
Sometimes revenge and love go hand-in-hand.

Cover of My Forbidden Desire

My Forbidden Desire
Forever, Grand Central Publishing
My Immortals series, Book 2
Fiends, mages and witches. Is Xia f’n hot or what?
RITA Finalist and Reader’s Crown Finalist

Cover of My Wicked Enemy

My Wicked Enemy
Grand Central Publishing
My Immortals series, Book 1
Carson Philips is a witch on the run. Straight into the arms of a demon who’s sworn to kill her.

Cover of A Darker Crimson

A Darker Crimson
Love Spell Books
Never trust a vamp. Words to live by for Officer Claudia Donovan of the Los Angeles Police Department. Book 4 in Liz Maverick’s Crimson City Series.

Cover of DX

DX, a Crimson City novella
Helen "Hell" Marshall wants her job back. All she has to do is track down a demon, stay away from her vampire ex-boyfriend and figure out how to get along with a covert agent who may not be what he seems.

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