Not Proper Enough

He was here. That awful man, the Marquess of Fenris. Awareness of his arrival jumped through the room like a pestilence picking off the weak and unwary. The orchestra played a few more notes then petered out, bringing a lively country reel to a halt. No one, Eugenia included, could believe the Marquess of Fenris was here at a ball given by Mrs. Wilson. The man did not attend any parties but those given by the very upper reaches of the British aristocracy.

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ISBN: 78-1-937823-06-1
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Berkley Sensation ISBN: 978-0-425-25097-6 (Rights reverted to me.)

Could the wrong man be the right one after all?

Lady Eugenia Byrant doesn’t forget insults easily. Even years after the Marquess of Fenris publicly insulted her, she has no desire to let bygones be bygones. As a widow, she knows the gift of a magical medallion will never find her a second chance at love. When happiness appears to work its way back into her life, it’s Fenris who threatens her newfound peace.

The Marquess of Fenris loved Eugenia, even when she married his best friend. His feelings never changed, but now he has to convince the lady that he has. The handsome and wealthy heir to a dukedom puts on the charm, but will it be enough for her to forget his previous transgressions?

Not Proper Enough is a Regency historical romance novel for adults and about adults who actually act like adults. If you like enthralling characters, heated chemistry, and smoldering romance, then you'll love Carolyn Jewel’s thoughtful and witty tale.

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What They’re Saying

I love how blunt this romance is too. It’s dirty and fierce. Eugenia almost revels in the fact that she hates him, yet can’t seem to shake him off. They take pleasure from each other, sometimes rough, sometimes drawing it out as long as they can. The romance in this book is so intense that you can’t help but feel the chemistry between these two. I feel like this is where Carolyn Jewel shines. Not just her amazing sexual relationship she builds for her characters, but their overall interactions. Their banter is so smart and fast. Humor, put downs, sarcasm, it all comes through so well. These are two mature people who have been through a lot in their life and watching them come to terms with each other is really a treat.
I found this book to be a clever, very sensual romance. Well done.
Mandi - Smexy Books Romance Reviews
With her engaging, complex characters, knowledge of the era and a sharp ear for dialogue, Jewel creates a nicely written, highly sensual and emotional love story.
RT Magazine
As always, Carolyn Jewel's writing is polished and her characterizations delightful. With a story that is by turns very hot and very emotional, I found myself relishing the experience of reading this book. Lynne Spencer, All About Romance
This was another delicious, detailed, smoldering romance from Carolyn Jewel.
Rogues Under the Covers
I highly recommend all historical romance lovers go out and pick up this book. You will not be disappointed.
Fiction Vixen
OH MY GOODNESS! What an awesome book! I loved every minute of it. Talk about a page turner that I couldn't put down. First off, the story line was moving and shocking at the same time. Not Proper Enough kept me wanting more. To be honest it would be one of those books to re-read again. That right there says a lot. So, I hope that you all get a chance to check this book out when it comes out. Plus, you all want to know if Fenris is able to change Eugenia’s opinion of him.
The Cutest Blog on the Block

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