Miss Fiona Harper’s Night of Passion

Coming Fall 2016

About Miss Fiona Harper’s Night of Passion

Cover of Miss Fiona Harper's Night of Passion by Carolyn Jewel

Miss Fiona Harper’s brother accidentially kills his racing maggot and loses his sister to the notorious Lord Hawke.

Carolyn Jewel, Fall 2016

ebook ISBN: 978-1-937823-58-0

The story idea arose from my research into gaming hells for Surrender to Ruin when I came across a reference to maggot racing. True or not, this source said that one could cheat at maggot racing by heating one’s plate to make the maggot move faster or impede the progess of one’s opponent maggot by accidentally dropping snuff on that plate. Of course, likely unbewknownst to Regency era maggot racers, tobacco is an insecticide.

From there I wondered to myself (and then out loud on Twitter) if any Regency gambler accidentally killed his racing maggot by overheating his plate. And from there, I decided I MUST write just such a story. Therefore, Miss Fiona Harper’s Night of Passion was born. As you can see, I even have a cover!

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Availability Status

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eBook: Planned

Print: Maybe?

Audio: Unlikely.

Do you have the most recent version? (Per the change log in back of the book)

No. Because the story is not out yet.

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