In The Duke’s Arms

He did not understand this fey power of hers to make people like her.

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Cover of In The Duke's Arms by Carolyn Jewel

A Novella

February 2015

ebook ISBN: 978-1937823-34-4
Print ISBN: 978-1-937823-35-1 (cJewel Books)
Print ISBN: 978-1530126026 (CreateSpace)

My novella from the Christmas Anthology Christmas In The Duke’s Arms.

He’s made a horrible impression on the love of his life, but Christmas is a time for second chances.

The Duke of Oxthorpe has kept his heart under lock and key. Everything changed when he met Miss Edith Clay. His hopes for true love took a turn when Edith’s rich cousin sought to attract his offer of marriage. But Oxthorpe is so smitten with the former poor relation that he goes through intermediaries to sell Edith a property as close as possible to his own.

Edith always saw the duke as haughty and arrogant. As Christmas approaches, Oxford reveals himself to be reserved, considerate, and—blame the mistletoe—an accomplished kisser! Edith has a choice: hold Oxthorpe’s earlier behavior against him or embrace the altogether unexpected holiday gift.

In the Duke’s Arms is a Regency romance novella with a twist. If you like the crisp writing of Jane Austen, sweet romance, and gruff heroes with a suppressed softer side, then you’ll love Carolyn Jewel’s tale of a duke in love.

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