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Cover of Lord Ruin

Lord Ruin - eBook
February 2011, Carolyn Jewel
Same as the print version, only digital and available!

Cover of Stolen Love

Stolen Love - eBook
Historical Romance
Elizabeth has always loved Nicholas, but will she guess his secret?

Cover of The Spare

Stolen Love - eBook
Historical Romance
Sebastian suspects Olivia was involved in the murder of his elder brother.

Cover of A Darker Crimson

A Darker Crimson - eBook
Paranormal Romance - Crimson City Book 4
Officer Claudia Donovan falls for vampire and criminal gang leader Tiberiu Khorza.

Cover of DX: class=

DX - A Crimson City novella
Paranormal Romance - A Crimson City Novella
Hell Marshall has one more chance to get her I-Ops job back. She just has to find a way to get along with covert agent Jaden Lightfeather and track down a demon.

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