Characters From Scandal - William 'Bill' Haggart

The first thing Gwilym, earl of Banallt noticed when he rounded the driveway was Sophie perched on the ledge of a low fountain. Surely he thought, some other explanation existed for the hard, slow thud of his heart against his ribs. After all, he hadn't seen her in well over a year. Nearly two years, and they had not parted on the best of terms. He ought to be over her by now. And yet the jolt of seeing her again shot straight through to his soul.

Major William Haggart of the Guard Dragoons is a close friend of Gwilym, earl of Banallt. Bill is home from the wars, permanently disabled by a leg wound. He's slowly recovering and knows he's lucky to have kept his leg. He's known Banallt since their days at Rugby School and understands the earl better than just about anyone.

Major Haggart is the fictional namesake of Bill Haggart, member of RWA's The Beau Monde chapter and expert on all things military. Bill, thanks for your expertise.

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