Characters From DX, in Shards of Crimson - Tuan Ng

Hell rocked her chair back and checked out the only person here besides her who wasn't wearing a suit. Agent Tuan Ng. The man oozed sex appeal, and she was having a hard time not staring. Ever since the fiasco of Tuan Ng, her libido had been on vacation. Whoa. Vacation over. He was exactly her type. She could feel the guy even when she wasn't looking at him. Agent Incredible Hunk had Native-American features, brown eyes and skin two shades darker than cafˇ au lait. On him, black clothes looked good instead of pretentious. He wore a silver earring. The small yet prohibited body decoration meant he was either undercover or covert. With his short hair, her money was on covert. Agent Incredible Hunk was scowling at West. So maybe he thought West was an asshole, too. All ready they had something in common.

Vital Statistics

Name:  Tuan Ng
Hair:  Black
Eyes:  Black
Height:  5'10 or so.
Race:  Vampire


Head of the Wang Lee Tong. Has his fingers in a lot of *ahem* interesting businesses. He's not quite an upstanding citizen.


Loosely aligned with Family Korzha.


Well, he has the serious hots for Hell. He wants to convert her.

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