Characters From Lord Ruin - Lord Thrale

The groom handed Benjamin the reins to the dun. Before the groom could so much as offer a leg up, Ben launched himself into the saddle without a word of greeting or acknowledgment. Most everyone liked Benjamin. With his good looks and boyish smile, it was practically impossible not to.

Vital Statistics

Name:  Richard, Marquess of Thrale
Hair:  Brown
Eyes:  Gray
Height:  6'+"


By dint of stringent economies and deft investing Thrale recouped the fortune his father sqaundered on highliving and gaming. Richard is steadfast, responsible, and honorable, the opposite of his late father. Behind that straightlaced exterior he longs for love and passion.


Ruan, duke of Cynssyr, doesn't begin as his friend, the man suspects him of murder after all, but the duke helps clear the cloud of suspicion over his head and cements a friendship. He can't help but like Devon Carlisle, though he certainly understands Devon is his chief rival for Emily.


Who else but Lucy Sinclair-Wilcott? The only problem is he's determined to win the hand of Emily Sinclair and do his duty by his title. Has he denied himself for so long he won't recognize which Sinclair sister he really loves?

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