Characters From Lord Ruin - The Sinclair Family

Cynssyr glared at the door to number twenty-four Portman Square. "Blast it," he said to the groom who held two other horses. "What the devil is taking them so long?" He sat his horse with authority, a man in command of himself and his world. His buckskins fit close over lean thighs, and the exacting cut of his jacket declared a tailor of some talent. A Pink of the Ton, he seemed, but for eyes that observed more than they revealed.<

Thomas Sinclair

The family patriarch. He's let his grief over the early death of his beloved wife send his family to the brink of penury. All too often, the bottle is his bosom companion. He fully intends for his eldest girl, Anne, to care for him until his dying days, for she's not a beauty like the rest of his girls, and with his heart dead along with his wife, someone has to take care of him.

Anne Sinclair

The eldest daughter, Anne, is the only one of the Sinclair sisters who is not an acknowledged beauty. Since the death of their mother, Anne has managed to prevent their father's spendthrift ways from putting them out on the streets. That she might one day find herself forced to marry the notorious Lord Ruin never enters her mind. And when the impossible happens, that he might ever come to love her is inconceivable.

Mary Sinclair

Brunette Mary fell in love with and eventually married Benjamin Dunbartin, the man of her dreams. Like her husband, she intends to see Anne married. She knows full well that her sister once loved Devon Carlisle and furthermore, she knows Devon still loves Anne. That's one match she means to see made.

Lucy Sinclair Wilcott

Black-haired Lucy is a young widow with little appreciation for the married state. Too many men mistake the fragility of her beauty for weakness, but Lucy is anything but weak. The Marquess of Thrale is one of the few men to suspect the intelligence beneath that breathtaking exterior.

Emily Sinclair

The Angelic Sinclair, Emily's called. And rightly so. Everyone expects her to marry the Duke of Cynssyr, even his grace the duke himself, for that matter. But it's black-eyed Devon Carlisle who captures her heart, and he doesn't even notice she's alive.

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