Characters From Lord Ruin - Ruan Bettancourt

Cynssyr glared at the door to number twenty-four Portman Square. “Blast it,” he said to the groom who held two other horses. “What the devil is taking them so long?” He sat his horse with authority, a man in command of himself and his world. His buckskins fit close over lean thighs, and the exacting cut of his jacket declared a tailor of some talent. A Pink of the Ton, he seemed, but for eyes that observed more than they revealed.

Vital Statistics

Name:  Ruan Bettancourt, Duke of Cynssyr
Hair:  Mahogany Brown
Lord Ruin Eyes:  Peridot Green
Height:  6 foot 2
Birth Date:  10 November, 1790


Lord Ruin. Most people only dare whisper the name behind his back. But the cynical and war-weary duke of Cynssyr deserves the name; to love him means heartbreak. Dozens of women, celebrated beauties all, have loved in vain and not a one even close to the altar with London’s most sought-after bachelor. When at last Cynnsyr selects his bride from the youngest of the four Sinclair sisters, the stage is set for what every parent dreams of, a proposal of marriage from Lord Ruin. Only it isn’t the youngest sister he marries, but the eldest, and there are shocking rumors that he had to.


"Love," he says, "is a man’s delusion that he’s not been robbed of his freedom and a woman’s that she’s gained hers." One woman is about to challenge that cynical belief, and nothing in his life has prepared him for the consequences.


This 28-year-old aristocrat came into his title at the age of 19. Like most men of wealth and privilege, he earned an Oxford degree. With a reputation as a man of first-rate intellect and a keen legal mind, his political ambitions are no secret. He proves himself through a series of increasingly important appointments to the courts of law, but the rise of Napoleon leads him to a fateful decision; he joins the war. He returns a man forever changed by the horrors of combat. Though his physical scars are healed, the war has left an indelible wound. Society welcomes him back, unaware of the dreams that haunt him. As for politics, he’s now one of the peers who sits on the Court of Appeals and a member of the Privy Council. A Cabinet appointment seems only a matter of time.


This only child deeply admired his father. From his father, he gets his ambition and his height, from his mother, his striking looks. The duchess, a woman as formidable as her son, longs to see him married and despairs of ever seeing a legitimate heir.


Ruan surrounds himself with the best life has to offer a man with everything; the best wine, the best horses, the most beautiful women. He’s a connoisseur of all that is elegant. His discerning tastes extend to his friends. Few people get past the barriers he puts up. Benjamin Dunbartin and Devon Carlisle are his closest friends, both of whom he met during the war. Benjamin’s marriage to the former Mary Sinclair disappoints Ruan, but when Devon declares his intention to marry, Ruan can’t help but feel betrayed. His friendship with Devon, indeed, everything Ruan has ever believed about the world and the people in it, are about to be severely tested.


There have been many, but one woman is a constant. He ought to have married Katie when he had the chance but youth and then the war intervened. By the time he returns, she’s married, and unhappy in the union. Their love affair is well known but discreetly managed.

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