Characters From A Darker Crimson - Lath

Now there was a real piece of work. Tiberiu Korzha. He was the reputed head of the vampire Family Korzha with an army of lawyers who had so far made every Prosecuting Attorney in the city look like a chump. The creature stood just within sight, though much of his face remained in shadow. Mostly the P.D. dealt with rogue vamps, vampires who went outside the law and the treaty between the species or who just went flat out insane; but Korzha had Strata +1 written all over him: He was part of their society and was as suave, rich and debonair as they came. Right now, he stood still as a statue. She hoped he had control of himself. There was blood all over, including a crimson splatter on the side of the bulldozer. Spilled blood tended to make an edgy vamp edgier.

Vital Statistics

Name:  Lath
Hair:  Black as night
Eyes:  Pale lilac
Height:  6'4"
Age:  ??
Species:  Demon

About Lath

Lath, pronounced (Layth) is a Bak-Faru, the darkest of the dark demons. Among the Bak-Faru he's particuarly powerful which makes him a scary demon indeed. He hates humans. When demons get to the Overworld the first order of business for him is to track down and kill every human who has summoned a Bak-Faru demon.

Lath is enraged to learn that he has the vishtau (a sexual bond without which demons cannot have children) with a human woman. He's powerful and furious enough to resist the sexual connection with Claudia Donovan for a time. What he hopes is that she'll die from the bond that keeps her alive in Orcus. That's not the way it works out.

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