Characters From Indiscreet

The characters from Indiscreet, award-winning historical romance.

  • Edward Marrack - Marquess of Foy - Hero. Six feet six inches tall. Not handsome.
  • Sabine Godard - heroine
  • Henry Godard - Sabine’s uncle. A former Oxford don/ He raised her after the untimely death of her parents.
  • Lord Crosshaven - Oh, he should have behaved better. But he didn’t.
  • Nazim Pasha - A Pasha who plays fast and loose with the rules about everything. Because he can.
  • Mr. Lacey - Longtime family friend of the Marrack family. Foy continues the connection. Lacey works for The Lecvant Company and has lived in Turkey for over 20 years.
  • Major Russell - A suitor of Sabine’s

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