Characters From The Spare - James duPlessis, Visount FitzAlan

"I saw him as clear and solid as I see you right now, and then he disappeared. I don't want that." Sebastian pushed away the glass proffered by his valet.

"Pennhyll, my dear Captain Alexander, is haunted--"

Vital Statistics

Name:  James duPlessis
Title:  Viscount Fitzalan
Hair:  Blond
Eyes:  Grey
Height:  6'0"
Age:  26
Birth Date:  3 March, 1785


James is an amiable, cheerful man of considerable humor and intelligence. But, alas, a rake who decides that Olivia Willow would be a most excellent mistress.


He's an only son whose mother remarried after his father's death. He's devoted to his half-sister, Miss Diana Royce, and hopes his friend, Sebastian, now the earl of Tiern-Cope, will marry her.


He falls in love with Olivia Willow only to find Sebastian an unexpected rival for her heart.

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