Characters From Lord Ruin - Devon Carlisle

"ItŐs been four years. I am done waiting." Amusement brightened DevonŐs brooding eyes and made his severe mouth curve in a surprisingly warm smile. It did interesting things to his face, the way severity gave way to warmth. At times like this, when he saw Devon smile, Cynssyr understood exactly why women went so eagerly to his bed.

Vital Statistics

Name:  Devon Carlisle, earl of Bracebridge
Hair:  Black
Eyes:  Black
Height:  6'0"
Age:  32
Birth Date:  24 October, 1786


Devon's history is as dark and unfathomable as his eyes. He's a third son with no expectations and no intention of making a career in the military before or after the war. His father long ago washed his hands of his youngest son and the estrangement proved a permanent one because Devon's considerable personal fortune has its roots in commerce, and not the legal sort. There are whispers he's been a highwayman, that he owns several hells and even a brothel or two. All of it happens to be true. Despite his broken nose and a face that no one could call handsome, Devon has never had any trouble enticing women to his bed.


Ruan, duke of Cynssyr is Devon's best friend. Their shared experience of the war creates a bond nothing can break; or so he thinks. Benjamin Dunbartin is likewise a friend of long standing. About his other friends, the least said, the better. Suffice it to say, certain of his friends will never move in polite society.


Alas, he has none. His entire family was lost to smallpox, leaving him in possession of a title and position in society he never expected. In the space of one horrifying week, he went from disreputable rake to one of Society's most sought after bachelors.


Devon has loved Anne Sinclair since the day he met her at the wedding of his friend Benjamin Dunbartin. Anne's father puts an abrupt end to his courtship of her, and, he must admit, for good reason. His reputation is hardly stellar and his prospects at the time non-existent. But Anne is the woman of his heart and when Benjamin brings the Sinclairs to London, Devon wastes no time in putting himself forward as Anne's future husband. He pays no attention whatever to the youngest Sinclair sister. Though he admires Emily's beauty-- what man does not-- he simply isn't interested.

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