Characters From Lord Ruin - Benjamin Dunbartin

The groom handed Benjamin the reins to the dun. Before the groom could so much as offer a leg up, Ben launched himself into the saddle without a word of greeting or acknowledgment. Most everyone liked Benjamin. With his good looks and boyish smile, it was practically impossible not to.

Vital Statistics

Name:  Benjamin Dunbartin, Baron Aldreth
Hair:  Blond
Eyes:  Blue
Height:  6'1"
Age:  28
Birth Date:  25 October, 1790

>Benjamin is Society's golden boy, smooth, polished, and never, ever anything but perfectly attired. His marriage to Mary Sinclair disappoints many a mother who hoped his roguish ways with the female heart would end with a different chapter. But his heart belongs to Mary and none other.


>Ruan, duke of Cynssyr and Devon Carlisle are Ben's closest friends and both friendships survive his marriage. He admires them both and hopes to see each as happily married as he is, though he has doubts about Ruan ever settling down.


>His wife's family is now his and as head of the family, he means to do right by all her sisters. With his reputation and wealth behind them, the Sinclairs are no longer just an obscure family from the country. Emily Sinclair is so exquisitely beautiful he has no doubt she'll marry well. Indeed, it's not inconceivable that Emily will be the woman who snags the elusive Lord Ruin though perhaps widowed Lucy may do what no other woman has managed. But, it's Anne who concerns him most. He has no intention of letting her molder in the country with her good-for-nothing father. No, he means to see Anne married. To his astonishment, Devon Carlisle declares he not only intends to marry Anne, but that he will brook no interference with his plans to do so.

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