Characters From Lord Ruin - Anne Sinclair

He wanted to roar with disgust and dismay. Devon married. What was he to do with himself then? To the devil with spinsters who set their caps on marriage, he thought as the chill wind whipped past him. “To the very devil with her.” Thus did the duke of Cynssyr, so deservedly referred to as Lord Ruin, dismiss the woman with whom he would soon be desperately in love.

Vital Statistics

Anne Sinclair

Name:  Miss Anne Sinclair
Hair:  Silver Blonde
Eyes:  Blue-Grey
Height:  5 foot 7"
Age:  25
Birth Date:  15 May, 1792


Her age and her spectacles say it all. Anne Sinclair is a spinster who isn’t likely to marry. She’s a dutiful daughter who accepts she will spend what’s left of her youth caring for her father and after that, if she’s lucky, looking after her neices and nephews. What she doesn’t know is that her brother-in-law Benjamin has no intention of letting Anne molder away in the country. He means to find her a husband worthy of her, and all three of her sisters are more than happy to assist him in that goal.


Anne has the misfortune of being a pretty woman born into a family of beauties. Her handsome father married a great beauty whose death left him looking to the bottle for solace and their 13 year-old eldest, Anne, struggling to keep the family together. Her younger sisters are Mary, Lucy and Emily, and like their parents, all three are exceptional beauties. Mary captures the heart of Benjamin Dunbartin, Baron Aldreth and to Anne’s delight, they are soon married. Lucy, does not do so well. Her marriage to Jackson Wilcott ends with his suicide over a mountain of debt. Emily, the youngest, possesses the kind of beauty that takes a man’s breath. When Benjamin brings the Sinclair sisters to London, no one doubts Emily will make a spectacular marriage.


Anne met Devon Carlisle at Mary’s wedding and to no one’s surprise but her own, he began a serious courtship of her. Then, Devon was the impecunious younger son of an earl with few prospects beyond a military career. Her father put a brutal end to her hopes of marriage to a man she deeply admired for his intelligence, character and wit. By the time Benjamin brings the Sinclairs to London, Devon is the Earl of Bracebridge and surely far beyond her reach. But before long, even Anne must admit that perhaps he loves her still.


Anne’s goal is to see her sister Emily make a brilliant marriage, keep her father out of trouble and, with luck, find a husband for Lucy. Above all, she means to keep that notorious rakehell Duke of Cynssyr away from her sisters. Easier said than done, Cynssyr is a friend of Benjamin and Devon. Once he claps eyes on Emily, his interest is horribly clear, and she seems to be the only one who understands how disastrous it would be if her sweet, innocent Emily were to marry the Duke.

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