Free stuff! How bad could it be? Sometimes I'm slow in getting to the mail box. Sorry. (head handing in shame). But my newsletter rocks!

Contests and Free Stuff

How to get a Free Bookmark

Send a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope to:

Carolyn Jewel
P.O. Box 750431
Petaluma CA 94975-0431

If you are outside the US and can't get your hands on US postage, I feel your pain and have a solution I hope will work.
Send me a postcard, the prettier the better, to the address above, include your name and complete mailing address on it and say hello or something. I will send you a bookmark provided I can read your name and address.

Current Contest

I'm still thinking of what it should be.

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Also, just pointing out that I only send out a newsletter when I have news or a contest. Like, say, when I was desperate for a title for My Wicked Enemy (Thank you so much, everyone who entered and submitted titles!) or when I have a book coming out. I won't give up my list of subscribers to anyone, ever. I love you all too much for that.

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