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The New Family Receipt Book - 1815

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To prevent Gentlemen's Hats from Being spotted after a shower of Rain

If your hat is wet from rain, or any other cause, shake it out as much as possible; then with a clean linen cloth or handkercheif wipe the hat very carefully as well as you can, observing, that in so doing you keep the beaver flat and smooth, in the same direction as it was first placed, then with your hands fix it in the original shape, and hang it at a distance from the fire to dry. A few hours after, or the next morning , lay the hat on the table, and brush it round and round several times with a soft brush in the proper direction, and you will find your hat not in the heat injured by the rain.
If the gloss is not quite so high as you wish, take a flat iron, moderately heated, and pas the same two or three times gently over the hat; brush it afterwards; and it will be nearly has handsome as when first sent home from the shop.

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