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You be the Judge

OK, this is completely silly, too, but I'm doing it anyway.

Analyzing the results: Orlando Bloom in a runaway for the non-human hunks. Jonny Depp wins in the human category, with Hugh Jackman making a good showing in second place. If I use this service for my next poll, I'll limit the choices to 4 because Ioan and Sean were underrepresented, I believe, by being under the fold. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Sean Bean

. . .as Boromir
. . .official website

Ioan Gruffudd

. . .Fimography (with pic!)
. . .as Horatio Hornblower

Orlando Bloom

. . .as Legolas
. . .a fan site

Adrian Paul

. . .Official site
. . .a fan site

Hugh Jackman

. . .Wikipedia page
. . .a fan site

Johnny Depp

. . .Actor Archives page
. . .a fan site

Viggo Mortensen

. . .as Aragorn
. . .a fan site

Lawrence Makoare

. . .as Lurtz, the Uruk-hai
Not the greatest pic, but if you've seen LOTR, I think you know what I mean.

Sala Baker

Sala Baker played the Man Flesh Uruk and Suaron. Plus, check out this gorgeous photo of Sala. I'm on dial up and it was slow to load, but worth it, inmho.

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Below, use the little arrow on the right to scroll down for more choices, Ioan and Sean are feeling left out...

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