The Spare

"Who is the redhead?"
"One of your guests, of course." James coughed into his hand. "Though," he said carefully. "Not quite the country lass."
"The sixth," Sebastian said. "The one I am not to choose."

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Cover of The Spare by Carolyn Jewel

The Pennhyll Affair
Captain Sebastian Alexander was The Spare, but as the younger son he inherited more than a title after his brother's murder. He acquired a family estate with dark secrets that threatened his life. He took on a quest to avenge his brother. But most troublesome of all, he found a red haired beauty who was either a guileless witness or a ruthless seductress.

Olivia Willow was missing three days from her life. She'd been a guest at Pennhyll the night of the murder, but now she could recall nothing. The new earl was determined to help her remember. He charmed, he beguiled -- he matched wits with her. And soon, instead of trading barbs they shared kisses, and instead of seeking out the past, they were fighting for a future.

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ISBN: 978-0-9833826-1-4

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