Passion’s Song

“;You may go to the devil, sir!” Isoble drained her glass. If his lordship wanted her to undress in front of him, then he might as well have his wish.

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Cinderella Story

Passion’s Song was originally published in 1987 and is the first book I wrote. Other than correcting typographical errors in the original, this book stands as I wrote it in 1987. The back cover copy of the original book referred to a devilish duke, even though there was no duke in the story. I have refrained from the temptation to add one.

American orphan Isobel Rowland learns she is the illegitimate daughter of an English aristocrat only when her father at last locates her and brings her to England. Her father intends to find her a husband, and if she can catch the interest of Alexander, Marquess of Hartforde, all the better. She hopes to continue her musical studies but finds it impossible unless she masquerades as a young gentleman. Alexander’s interest in remarriage is close to nil, though he finds Miss Rowland intriguing. He is more than happy to act as patron to a promising American musician, Ian Rowland. When Alexander discovers that Ian and Isobel are the same person, their lives collide and before long, they have no choice but to marry and attempt to make a life together.

eISBN: 978-1-937823-04-7
Print ISBN: 978-1-937823-05-4 (forthcoming)
St. Martin’s Press ISBN: 0-312-91302-8

Some remarks about Passion's Song

This book has a special place in my heart since it is the first novel I wrote and the first I published, too. The quick story is that someone else didn’t turn their book in on time and my story landed on the right desk at the right time. They were desperate. Would I mind changing my French heroine to American? (the line was Americans Abroad). Not at all, I said. Can you do it in six weeks? No problem I said. My book was in stores that November.

You can see the rush to get this book into print if you read the original back cover copy. A Devilish earl? Followed by reference to my hero, a Marquis. Heh heh.

Praise for Passion’s Song

I am forever indebted to the late Slyvie Sommerfield for two reasons. Well, three, because I LOVE her books.

This book should earn a niche in the hearts of readers—It is a sensual, senstive, and well-developed plot and an excellent read. Sylvie Sommerfield

It’s a lovely blurb, but I owe her for more than those kind words. She was sent the copy-edited MS (which had gone out to a freelance editor) and she told St. Martin’s Press that he had taken the sparkle out of the book. The MS was returned to me with the instuctions put it back the way it was.

I did and thank goodness, because Ms. Sommerfield was right. It was my first experience with heavy handed editing. He really had ruined my book.

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