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Hot. Steamy. Politically Incorrect. Possibly Imprudent.

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Each of the stories in Whispers, Collection No. 1 is (or soon will be) available singly. Naturally, you will save money if you purchase the collection. But, then again, you may not want them all.

Contemporary paranormal. Tolkien as a user manual? The title should say it all, but in case it doesn’t, Violet finds out first-hand why goblins have a rep for mastery in the bedroom after she finds an injured goblin passed out on her porch. She does the right thing for everyone involved and nurses him back to health. He’s big, strong, definitely not-human, and not shy at all. Features goblin sex. Doh.

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The stories that make up Whispers, Collection No. 1 are:

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eBook: Singles releasing in 2014.

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